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Sights & Sounds w Lo-Fi-Fnk Pt. III



I have one sincere wish in life, its not much cuz in Sweden much is many much too much! I want to be the best there is, the one everyone picks first. I want to be in the best band and I want us to do the best music that has the most delicious sound and mixing techniques in the whole wide world. I say, thank you for letting me live my dream!
However, its not up to me to decide, sadly, but if you need some help in deciding (cuz I believe you are the judge)  I here give you

Sights&SoundsSights & Sounds w LO-FI-FNK – pt. III!

This new episode is an insight in what LFF does when they are on tour and why we’re getting pampered without our shirts on(?!), enjoy!


17 Responses to “Sights & Sounds w Lo-Fi-Fnk Pt. III”

  1. David Says:

    When will we get the fullllll preview ?

  2. ogg Says:

    When will we get the full album?

  3. ed Says:

    August I believe that you and Leo do have the best mixing, and have some of the best sounds in music along with the great Fischerspooner. Wish that you were more well known in the UK, but thanks to Kitsune Maison you are sort of known.
    Your video is interesting but the pampering bit seems a bit false as it doesn’t fit in with the rest. I say this because its filmed in 3rd person rather than by yourself which doesn’t give it a sense of being, meaning i’m not seeing your life through your eyes. I’m seeing it through somebody elses. The music is really good and soo relaxing. The clip of the sea had good connections :) Oh and the flowers at the end, what was that about, surely the relection of yourself in the mirror would have been a more important message.
    Anyway sorry for the picking, its because i’m an Fine Artist and i’m seeing the film from an artistic point of view. Good luck with everything tho


  4. Leo Says:


    Thnx for the feedback! we are all about constructive critizism!


    august & leo

  5. ed Says:

    *replie to the above*

    Its ok guys. Constructive criticism is a good thing and as myself as an artist I get it all the time. Mainly from my University teachers who say yer work is crap and this should be better etc. Anyways it did me good though as I got through University.


  6. David Says:

    Please come to the states for a show :-D

  7. Rodrigo Says:

    Hey guys! I’d never heard about both of you ’til like 5 days ago. And I must say that I got addicted to your album Boylife. I mean, I’ve just been playing it non-stop for the last 3 days. You’re really the best band I’ve ever known in the realms of electronica and pop music! The only problem is that I can’t find your album in my country (I live in Brazil).

    So…I just wish you the best that anyone could have. You guys are great! I’ve never been into a band like this IN YEARS!

    Keep on rockin’! :)


  8. admin Says:

    @ David
    if I were to decide I would live in the states 4ever, it rox. But next gig? hmm, hopefully next year!

    Awesome news and Thanks for those lovely words, it warms our hearts.


  9. David Says:

    I need more music…. from YOU

  10. Rodrigo Says:

    Hehe. You guys are great. I’m waiting anxiously for more of your music. And a concert here would be fine too, if it’s not asking for too much! People would love you! ;)

  11. Ed Says:

    Need some more Lo-Fi-Fnk tunes on the Kitsune Maison albums. Kistune Maison 6 was the 1st time i had heard of Lo-Fi-Fnk and it was great as the 1st track of the album. Hopefully I get to see you guys someday in England.


  12. Leo Says:

    Ed: check out the latest kitsunécomp where my sister Nottee has a song featured!


  13. Ed Says:

    I will look out for her Leo. I’ll be getting kitsune maison 8 soon as possible anyway, when i get time to go to HMV :)


  14. Peter P. Says:

    When will you release new stuff?!?

  15. Alexxx Says:

    Loving all your songs, and waiting for the new album.


  16. David Says:

    I need something new

  17. cécilien Says:

    i’m fench, looking for a contact to promote you in France, i like you

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