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Leo & I!


Mina damer&herrar,

I was planning to give u all a taste of my love for dark humour last Friday, it was Friday 13th and all! My evil plan was to pronounce Leos tragic death and set the date for the release of his memorial album: “last recordings” (I also love to talk about plane crashes during takeoff and landings, it’s quite childish, I knooooow! but it’s with l – o – v – e).
As I was opening my computer to write the post the whole apartment started to vibrate, I was like – Oh my god! Maybe there is a god after all that heard my unholy plan and wanted to punish me, in advance.. U have to remember that in Stockholm earthquakes never happens. But as I listened to the sound of glasses hitting each other just like in the movies I remembered that they are building a tunnel or something underneath my house, so all good then if…
But no, a few minutes later a young boy fell into the see and drowned just where I live. I don’t know if it was god that did it, but if god did it – u made a bad joke, dude!
I felt really bad about it and when the family and friends had had some kind of last good bye moment thing I went down to the place where they had put the flowers and his picture and “gave” him a bottle of coke and the largest chocolate bar I could find. Maybe he could use it on the journey, I thought. But it was untouched 5 days later so maybe he’s still here and I don’t know.. haunting people? Well, if it was my bad thoughts that killed him I hope the gift made up for it.
So, there u have the reason for the silence.

And for the confession pt II, we have been making new songs again. I know both Leo and I have been writing that it is all done, ready, finished, but u know its too much fun.
We have also been talking a lot of how to make music sound phaaaat(obese?). I really like to fantasise how Im doin it but it never becomes true, of course. Do you know how to make big fat sounding music? Please tell us!! Most of all I would like to know what a person that doesn’t do music at all thinks. Send us a Mail!!!!

Thank you for your time!


4 Responses to “Leo & I!”

  1. Rodrigo Says:

    Oh, I feel so sorry for the boy :( Such a terrible thing, especially when it happens next to you.

    And…how can a song sound fat?! lol I just don’t get it.

  2. Karina Says:

    I didnt read the text above…

    i just wanna know when are you gonna come to Brazil. :)

  3. Leo Says:

    Karina: Would love to go to brazil and dance on the streets – someday. Hopefully 2010?!

    Rodrigo: Lots of bass!

  4. David Says:

    I am getting restless… i need new music from lo-fi-fnk

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