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Q: What is Lo-Fi-Fnk?

A: A musical team consisting of Leonard Drougge and August Hellsing.

Q: For how long has Lo-Fi-Fnk existed?

A: Since 2001.

Q: How many records have Lo-Fi-Fnk released?

A: One EP(…and The JFG?)[2005], one Album(Boylife)[2006] and a handful of singles.

Q: When is the second album coming out?

A: No release date so far, we will let everyone know.

Q: What is behind the name ‘Lo-Fi-Fnk’?

A: In 2001, when the band was formed, the dancemusic sound was very big, phat and technological. The name Lo-Fi-Fnk came from the aim to make…a more lo-fi and funky kind of dancemusic. (Though the aim at making dancemusic has become less and less a goal with the years…)

Q: I saw LFF live recently and they were not two, they were four. Who where the other guys?

A: Since it’s hard playing all instruments at once the band is extended with Link Drougge(drums) and Maja Gödicke(backing vocals) when playing live.

Q: What is Leonards role in the band, what is Augusts?

A: In the studio it can vary. Mainly, Leonard is the music-guy and August is the sound/production man. When performing Leonard does the singing, electric bass, keyboard and August also plays keyboard+percussion+dancing.

Q: Will you release more singles like Want U? (Question from Mark Torres)

A: Want U is not (yet?) released as a single. We want to release songs all the time, but at the same time we want to make an album. And if we keep on letting out new songs the album may end up just as a compilation. But it sure is tempting!

Q: hey guys… love the music… I interviewed you in Vancouver and you told me you were straight. I don’t care but later got tons of emails tell me that you were gay… uhm… which is it … and if you are gay, why lie? (Question from Scott / Winnie Cooper)

A: Why would we lie? Seriously don’t know where those rumours come from. Is it because we dance in our videos? Because the music isn’t about kissing girls? Hmm.. Don’t necessarily think that your artistic expression or overall behaviour must have something to do with your sexuality.

Q: My friend and I have decided that we will put our musical talents to use, and we want to make good dance music. So… Korg, Roland, M-Audio, Yamaha or other – which synth would you recommend for starters?

A: We would recommend something that is easy to use and think Korg does synths that also look a bit sexy.

Q: Please please, come and play in South America, Australia, Asia et.c.

A: Hopefully we will come to play at your town sometime in the future.  It’s not really up to us –  it’s up to promotors, labels and people like you. So if you want LFF to come play in your town, start a petition or something like that. Talk to your local promotors/clubs. You can make a difference :)

Q: Hello Guys!!!
I was wondering what was happening with your upcoming album. When is it going to be finished?
I’ve been waiting ages for some news and I can’t find any up to now.
I really need to hear some good news :D

A: The new album is kind of finished and we’re just waiting to get a release date, but what I can say 4 sure is that we’ll post a twitter when we have a official release date :) )

Q: If you guys were putting on a gig and could have 4 acts playing (living or dead) who would you have?

A: Good question! #1 Beyoncé, #2 Prince (in his palmy days), #3 Daft Punk, #4 the headliner would of course be Michael Jackson since he’s the greatest entertainer this world has seen.

Note: This is just the beginning. Feel free to post your questions as a comment or e-mail them to lofifnkatgmail.com

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